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Good morning everyone,

I’m co-founder of a team video conversation platform called Touchbase (https://touchbase.team). We allow teams to set the context of their conversation by setting or choosing a title (e.g. ’plans for the day?) and then running a live video session for a certain length of time. The conversation ends when the time runs out.

We are thinking of expanding the variety of preset conversation titles. The current range in order of user popularity is:

  1. Time for Coffee (30.80%)
  2. Quick Catch-Up (15.06%)
  3. Plans for the Day (10.79%)
  4. How Was Your Day? (8.25%)
  5. Virtual Team Lunch (7.04%)
  6. Goodbye Cabin Fever (6.37%)
  7. Highs, Lows, Gives & Asks (6.26%)
  8. Daily Team Stand-Up (5.16%)
  9. Virtual Vino (5.15%)
  10. I Spy With My Little Eye (5.10%)

I am really interested in conversation title suggestions that makes the most sense for your respective remote teams. I’d appreciate any ideas you are happy to share.

Best, Joe


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    Wow that looks interesting! I love how there’s already common topics set in place and there’s integrations with G Calendar too. This reminds me of https://aboutsnack.com/ which I chanced upon on PH, and they have some interesting prompts too for users.

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      Thanks for the feedback, Alexandra.

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      Touchbase looks absolutely fantastic Joe!

      Here’s a few that I think would make sense for us (apart from the ones you already have):

      1. Team Huddle
      2. Celebration/ Party 🎉
      3. Game Hour
      4. Brainstorming
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        Great suggestions! Thanks Hrishikesh.

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        Hey Joe, Touchbase experience seems super simple and to the point - really like it. You have super experience in this field managing Cisco’s innovation lab, so would be really interested to know how you came up with this idea :)

        Also, for me, the above sounds great and Hrishikesh has added some smart ones too!

        I might add occassional use cases too such as Periodic Review/Feedback sessions, Onboarding/Tutorial sessions, etc.

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          Hey Karthik, thanks for the feedback. My co-founder, Andy Payne, and I ran Cisco’s collab innovation labs and focused a lot on sync/async video collaboration experiments. Our experiences eventually led us to set up our own company, Unmeeting, and Touchbase is a product we launched a little under 3 months ago. We believe that meetings are not the best way to connect, especially for distributed teams. Conversations that are easy to start and revisit, with a set context and time frame, are much more flexible.

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            Ahh beautifully said. Conversations vs. Meetings - it would seem that it is just semantics, but working remotely has taught me that it is anything but that :)