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Hey everyone!

Glad to be here. Just began working remotely this past month. I'm excited to dive into this community and gain some insights to work smarter and happier while I look at the screen all day. 😀

So just wanted to share about my company, which I'm super excited about,

Basically if you're on the job hunt or know someone who, this make the hunt more fun and exciting, and with better results! You send a pitch video and projects instead of a resume. 

I'm guessing you all work at tons of cool companies, and know that resumes are boring. What matters is value creation not credentials.

I'm curious, did you land your current job the traditional way, or did you showcase a portfolio of projects?




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    Hey Joel,

    This is great. Firstly, I loved your landing page. It really drives the point well and the messaging is strong, aspirational yet conveys the point needed. Most products don't have such a good landing page in the first month itself - kudos.

    I really think with remote working growing that even the CVs would adapt over a period of time to become video CVs. It isn't possible to capture the personality of a person on a piece of paper. So I think you are on point in terms of the trend.

    To be honest though, I haven't seen too many of my friends talk about companies accepting video CVs. So maybe you know more about this than me. Do you think this is already happening a lot?

    P.S. would love to know what you used to make your website

    P.P.S. I think the same lady's face has been used twice on the page by mistake. 

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      Hey Karthik!

      Well I oughta to clarify! It’s not my company - but the company I work for! So it’s not a month old - I’ve been working there a month! 🙃 Company was founded in 2019 by Isaac Morehouse. Here he is on Fox talking about it last month! :)

      Thanks so much for the feedback though!! Yeah, nobody is officially “accepting” videos - our users just “break the rules” and “crash” the party in the side door - email the pitch directly to hiring managers. Getting amazing results so far! It’s all about showing value not asking for permission.

      Not sure what tool was used for the website - think Webflow though.

      Thanks again for the comment, Karthik. :)


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      Thanks for sharing Crash here, Joel.

      The concept & the website look fantastic! I particularly loved how extensive the resources section is, plus the website is so good looking :-)

      On a personal front, I remember sharing one or two short video pitches back in 2015 but that was a mandatory step in the company's hiring process. Never really crashed with a pitch myself ;-)


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        Thanks Hrishikesh!

        Definitely even in 2015 application videos were ahead of their time!