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Hello everybody,

We launched a new tier on https://Touchbase.team. In addition to our free plan, Touchbase Pro gives teams the ability to launch web-based video conversations beyond the free 15-minutes and out to 30/60-minutes.

I’d love your feedback and will provide a free 3 month code to anybody on Remote Clan interested in trying Touchbase out with their own teams and seeing if it helps cure the dreaded ‘zoom fatigue’.

Thanks, Joe


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    Hey @joetaylorland, Congratulations on the launch and also the very generous offer for a pro account. I will try this in the next couple of days and share some feedback.

    Wish you the very best!

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      Thanks Karthik, look forward to hearing how you use Touchbase!

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      Hey Joe, Really excited about your update! Congrats :))

      However, I would think to beat Zoom fatigue, wouldn’t it make sense to keep calls below 30 mins? I would think anything above that would start to look similar like zoom. Curious to know your thoughts behind this :))

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        That’s great feedback. We added the longer durations based on user requests, we learned that users who regularly spin up 15-min conversations also wanted the longer options occasionally. They still hold the short conversations. Pricing and associated features is definitely an evolving topic.

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        Oops, forgot to share the Pro code: https://touchbase.team/upgrade?cc=EHqFEsJL