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    Enjoyed reading your story, Aya. Could relate to the part where you mentioned asking a lot of questions. During my initial days, I used to ask a ton of questions as well and had most of them clarified at the end of the meetings. This helped me better understand how things work in the company.

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      Thank you, Cathy! I would probably still be clueless if I stayed quiet every time I didn't understand something. I am glad it worked out for you, and I encourage everyone to get out of their comfort zone and ask questions. 


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        Thanks, Aya. Cheers!

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      Hi Aya,

      Congratulations! Starting your career directly in a remote role is quite an achievement and probably also talks a lot about the kind of future we are going to see 😃

      Based on your article where you mention that you networked, asked many questions, reached out for help, etc. sort of makes you the ideal new hire :). Those are exactly the things that we advise companies to promote among their "newbies". So great going!

      Here's an entire remote work guide that I had written and the section that I am referring to: Onboarding.

      Once again, congrats to you and looking forward to hearing a lot more from you in this community as you continue to grow in your journey!

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        Thank you very much, Karthik for your kind words and for sharing your remote work guide with me!