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    Hi all! I manage community at Remote and found this post, and I think I have something to help remote workers live their best life, like you! SO many people are quitting their roles because their companies are not supporting them the way that they should be as a remote worker - I have heard stories of folks that have moved their families during the pandemic and now have no job because their employer forced them back, I have heard of employees who now have hundreds of dollars of additional at-home work expenses each month without any help from their employer, and I have even heard of candidates who were not chosen because they wanted to stay remote (even though they had more experience). I helped put together this toolkit for remote workers to advocate for themselves, and I hope you all find it useful 🎉 Check out the toolkit

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      Hi all! Hallie Exall here, Sr. Community Manager at Remote!

      Here is a GIF that describes me: a happy golden retriever ready for summer boating season! 


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        Nice to meet you, Hallie

        Haha, that smile at the end made my day :D