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    Thanks Maths. Quite interesting. I have been working on improving my productivity over the past few months. So this is quite timely.

    Notepads and tables have not worked. Still on the lookout for something which is easier to use. Hoping that Hold X is the answer :)

    Filled the survey too!

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      Hi Karthik, 

      Hope HOLD X can help you improve your productivity. Would you mind sharing what keeps you from staying on maximum productivity today? (Distractions, planning etc).

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        Hopin the same too :)

        As a founder, I feel there are always new things popping up in the day. So whatever I plan at the beginning of the day sort of keeps getting de-prioritised.

        I feel some of the new tasks have an artificial sense of urgency. I think I need to do some better analysis at my end before jumping to tackle any of them. So, I guess we could say poor planning at my end.

        Distractions of a remote working environment are also there. But I think I am slowly getting better at it. But I like some of the features of blocking certain websites for a particular duration. I am also trying to build out my twitter profile, so whenever I get bored of doing what I am working on, I tend to go to twitter to write some tweets, etc. There I get into the rabbit hole of Twitter and possibly spend more time than needed.

        As I write more, it seems like the problem is me 😂

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      Interesting tool, Maths. Just submitted the survey and also installed the chrome plugin.  I'll share my thoughts in the coming weeks. Cheers :)

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        Thanks for the positive feedback Shahul! Looking forward to be hearing from you. Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.

        New builds are coming on a weekly basis :) 

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          Sure. That's great news!

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        Great questions Hrishikesh. 

        I've been playing around and combining different time trackers, blockers and task-lists to peak my produtivity. I've been actively searching for a good solution to cope with the following problems:
        1) Plan my day: I listed up waaaaaay too many tasks and struggled to figure out where to get started and never managed to complete the list. 

        2) Multitasking: Throughout the day I jump between email, slack and a numerous of tools. This was hammering my 

        3) Procrastinating: Several time during the day my energy level dropped or I got a notification from my phone or browser that dragged me into the never-ending-hole of scrolling

        I started to plan my day the day before. I was using a task-list and followed the Ivy Lee strategy (max 6 tasks/priorities per day). I time boxed my calendar with the different priorities. I used a website blocker to stay focused throughout the day. I used a pomodora timer to get proper breaks. I followed a 50/10(Work/break) cycles. And the most important activity of the day was to review my work and plan the next day. I'm certain I improved my productivity a lot and this has been especially helpful during Covid-19. Happy to elaborate on this approach. 

        Disclaimer: I’m currently building an ai-driven personal productivity trainer that will help people manage their time, block distractions, and prevent burn out. It's a cross platform (phone and desktop) that aims to solve the 3 listed problems. If anyone wants to give our MVP a try. Feel free to reach out here or send me an email on maths@hold.app

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          Thanks for the detailed answer Maths. You've clearly put a good amount of thought into planning your schedule/ day. This makes me even more curious and I want surely try out a similar approach myself.

          A few follow-up questions - 

          1) When you say your productivity improved, could you share more specifics around what things did you see improvement in exactly?

          2) How did you arrive at the number 50 for the pomodoro? Also did you ever feel that you were interrupted by the timer when you were in your peak focus state?

          3) Did you break down all work into tasks or only specific type of work? Ex. Meetings, Clearing your inbox, Documentation.