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    thanks for the shoutout! if anyone has feedback on our new codemark resolution workflow, we'd love to hear it :)

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      I need to figure out how to clone our engineering team to deliver on our six-month roadmap in the next two months :)

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        Was going to suggest what Sophia has asked. Not intending to pitch at all, but you could take a look at Flexiple. We have helped many companies in such situations. If nothing happy to get on a call :)

        There are other guys like @Borisov91 also who run very successful startups to help with this.

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          And you can't outsource some parts of it?ย 

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            Hi Pez!

            We have had similar situations multiple times before.

            The info is a bit generic but hereโ€™s some input.

            With the same team and the same process, you cannot 3x the output. Most probably you cannot even 1.5x your output through process changes within 2 months.

            So you are looking to hire. Try to minimize the hiring time - for example, use hiring marketplaces. We have had cases where we have hired developers within 24h of identifying a hiring need.. through our hiring marketplace -

            Think about the bottlenecks, to allocate your hiring correctly: Product Management Design Development QA

            If you are going from 2 to 6 people, it is possible to execute it with output per developer remaining constant. But from e.g. 3 to 9, means creating a new team, which creates coordination work, so decreasing efficiency per team member.

            Minimize the onboarding time. Aim for 2 weeks to 100% productivity.


            We can do a call if you want input that is customized to your case? [email protected]

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            We are working on a major release this week. It's full of over 100 features which either remove friction ๐Ÿ˜ก or delight ๐Ÿ˜ our users. Lot's small things which on their own don't mean much, but when you add them all together, its a big deal for all our users.ย 

            Check it out

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              Must be nerve-wrecking to prepare for such a big release. How long have you been working on this?

              Good luck on the launch ๐Ÿคž

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                It has been a 2 month project - we basically set out our roadmap for Q4 to be completed before Christmas. And its ahead of schedule which is awesome. Doing final testing now :)

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                  Wow, that's some serious achievement ๐Ÿ‘Christmas is going to be a very well deserved break for your team then :)

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                    Haha yes, it will be! My first Christmas break in over 10 years :)

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                      10 yrs, damn! You absolutely need to take this break now.

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                Wow, that's great! Which feature are you excited about?

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                  Thanks, happy Friday!

                  The two favourites for me are:

                  We now show opened and un-opened interviews so the user doesn't need to click into each one to see if they already watched it. And we have a little counter which totals up all the unopened.

                  And we have been developing a very low-cost area for job seekers to practise interviewing for jobs (This is more of a side project):

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                    Really cool! I am particularly excited about the interview practice feature- this would be quite helpful for people landing their first remote role.

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                  that link doesn't seem to work...

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                    Thank you - sorted (I think)

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                  Going to launch a new version of our home page

                  Current draft is here if anyone has feedback!

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                    Love the new homepage! It looks like an amazing upgrade ๐Ÿ‘

                    Quick few points - I might be nitpicking but hoping it will help :)

                    - I felt the font in the 1st section could have been slightly larger. It is 17px right now but the one for bullet points under 'Team Transparency via Live View' is 20px which actually looks great even for the 1st section.

                    - The transitions for the tabs ('Pull Requests', 'Feedback Requests' etc.) happen almost instataneously. Maybe you could think of adding a slow transition here?ย 

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                    Fantastic advice! I'm going to have to give this a try.

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                      The initial days could be rough if you havenโ€™t cooked before. But those days are the best. The mistakes will bring you both closer than ever.