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Remote Work Experience

I have worked remotely for a small business, half-time remote for a medium-sized company and now have launched my own business, GoGoDone Virtual Coworking Community so that I can do work I love from anywhere with AMAZING people. It's really a way to get the benefits of having positive, supportive coworkers without any office politics. Think accountability, masterminds, cheerleading, tough questions, other people's experiences, working with people from other countries in other industries - it's way better than working with the same type of person from the same company in the same culture. I specifically built my business to address all my complaints about working remotely.

I think these are 3 important parts to being successful as a remote worker

You must have accountability and the most effective accountability involves other people! You must have human connection. You must have a great internet connection!!!

Here's how I plan to contribute to The Remote Clan

Happy to share any knowledge and experience I have. I am constanting innovating and experimenting with the community members in my business around productivity and connection and am always happy to share what I'm learning. I also coach for Seth Godin's altMBA and am working on some of the DEI efforts there and can share that as well.

Here's what I want to gain from The Remote Clan

Remote workers are one of my target markets. Listening to understand their needs and challenges and what they want for solutions will be helpful as I innovate in my own business. And as human connection is key to so much, I'd love to build some of that here!

These are the 2 best topics to start off a conversation with me

True productivity (meaningful work vs checking off the todo list) Behavior/habit change - willpower vs environment design