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Remote Work Experience

Sure do! I've been working remotely on and off for the past 20 years.

I think these are 3 important parts to being successful as a remote worker

Space - Have your space which is exclusively setup for work. Somewhere that you can close a door and get some headspace. Connect - Be sure to connect with people, don't lock yourself off from the outside world. Disconnect - Also allow yourself to disconnect from work. Don't be "on" 24/7 just because you work remotely.

Here's how I plan to contribute to The Remote Clan

Help people solve problems they are having with the remote working life style. Also seek solutions for my problems as a remote worker. Plus to connect with others!

Here's what I want to gain from The Remote Clan

Connections, community, support and hopefully a good laugh

These are the 2 best topics to start off a conversation with me

Web design & development OR Photography