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Remote Work Experience

Yes, as a consultabt, my industry has been fairly adapt at managing remote teams and I have had the option if doing so regularly In the recent past, have discussed possible Covid strategy with 3 large corporate houses in India - all remotely

I think these are 3 important parts to being successful as a remote worker

Be punctual, be prompt, and do not let work be impacted by what goes on in the household

My Remote Tools Stack

For now, MS Teams, the Office suite, and One Drive

Here's how I plan to contribute to The Remote Clan

Hopefully, managing community responses and adding my workplace experiences for the betterment of the larger community

Here's what I want to gain from The Remote Clan

As a consultant, I am always hungry to find new stories and understand how people's lives are affected as we move into the future

These are the 2 best topics to start off a conversation with me

How to improve onlibe reading habits, and What new ideas may look like going ahead