Silvestar Bistrovic
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Remote Work Experience

In 2017, I became a freelance developer and it was the best decision in my career so far. I am working remotely from my office in Osijek, where I was born and raised.

I think these are 3 important parts to being successful as a remote worker

Communication - be kind and honest. Time management - know that planning and organising is job half-done. Savings - rough times might come sooner than you expect. Job hunt - start searching for new gigs before the current one ends.

My Remote Tools Stack

Visual Studio Code, Chrome, Git, iTerm2, Gitflow

Here's how I plan to contribute to The Remote Clan

Sharing my experience with working on many challenging projects and collaborating with many exceptional clients.

Here's what I want to gain from The Remote Clan

Expand my network and connect with other freelancers.

These are the 2 best topics to start off a conversation with me

Writing articles, user interface, frontend development, page speed optimizations, accessibility, responsive design, style guides, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, Serverless, JAMstack, Jekyll, Hexo, Hugo, Netlify.