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Remote Work Experience

I have been working fully remotely for the past 4 years, working partly from home, and partly from co-working spaces and cafés. I love the freedom as well as the responsibilities that remote work brings me. The first reason that made me go remote was that I couldn't stand commuting to work 2 hours per day in crowded underground transportation. These were actually two hours of my day that I felt were stolen from me and that I could use to achieve my professional or personal goals. The second reason was that I love being a nomad, going to a different place every day. It helps me change overall perspectives on whatever I'm working on :). Working remotely made me create my second startup, excelway, a tool for remote workshops.

I think these are 3 important parts to being successful as a remote worker

KNOW THYSELF : know how to motivate yourself, how to be resilient, how to communicate, how to ask for help, the people you can call for a casual chat or for work-related brainstorming, what kind of places inspire you the most, what cheers you up when you hit rock bottom and what makes you enjoy celebrations. The freedom that remote work brings you, which is compounded when you're a founder or a freelancer, means taking a lot of responsibilities. Because you can actually rarely complain anymore. It's until I got into this total freedom that I realized how comfortable complaining was.

Here's how I plan to contribute to The Remote Clan

Sharing experience about remote work and tools, sharing product feedback, or career advice if needed. Sharing tips on anything related to bootstrapping a startup, whether on the product or the growth side. Sharing experience about bootstrapping a remote startup that creates a remote tool :)

Here's what I want to gain from The Remote Clan

Learning about new products and listening to people's experiences in remote work. Getting product feedback and advice on bootstrapping a saas startup. It feels at this stage that it's still a small community and that we can get to know each other better and engage in meaningful conversations.

These are the 2 best topics to start off a conversation with me

UX Design is always a topic that fascinates me! And of course, everything that is related to online meetings and workshops :)